SWAG #1 — Saint Francis International Library

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The Saint Francis International Library is a virtual business that is used to provide the client with structured work activities on a graduated-demand basis, beginning at the client's level of ability and challenging the client to improve. This virtual business is a lending library situated in Denver, Colorado. It has three employees, a building with two conference rooms, and 150 patrons with overdue books or videos.

In SWAG 1, eight different simulated work activities may be provided to clients, each of which has various levels of difficulty. Depending on the needs of the client, the therapist may select the activity and the level of difficulty and may also present activities simultaneously. These are the activities:

  • Activity 1: Calculate Fines & Replacement Costs
  • Activity 2: Bookkeeping — State/Province Analysis
  • Activity 3: Bookkeeping — Current Inventory Control
  • Activity 4: Bookkeeping — Future Inventory Control
  • Activity 5: Mailing — Notices of Overdue Fines
  • Activity 6: Database Maintenance — Mailing List
  • Activity 7: Telephone Message Taking
  • Activity 8: Conference Room Scheduling

Original SWAG 1 Materials for Immediate Download—Free

The original files from the Washington University School of Medicine Program in Occupational Therapy that are necessary for each of the basic activities may be downloaded at no charge from this website. This is suggested as a way for the therapist to determine whether the SWAG approach is appropriate for his or her setting.

Updated SWAG 1 Materials—$275

The updates include several minor corrections of the original files, plus new materials that have been identified by SWAG users as quite useful. Below are the new materials:

  • Editing and clearer explication of all eight activity instruction sheets, based on user feedback. The procedures have not changed, but are better explained.
  • Expansion of Activity 5, with new set-up procedures. New “nonsense” codes are used on the envelope addresses and, separately on the overdue notice letters. In addition to the new nonsense codes on each letter, dates are updated to 2010.
  • Expansion of Activity 6, with 20 new Excel spreadsheets providing error-identification and correction activities with patrons’ names, street addresses, countries, and ZIP or postal codes in sets of 150, 100, 50, 25, and 10 records. In addition to the default identification of errors of omission, new logic has been added to the spreadsheets to allow identification of errors of commission, which is reported by many to be an important issue that has been difficult to monitor.
  • Expansion of Activity 7, with 3 audio CD-ROM discs that provide the same 20 messages in 30-minute, 45-minute, and 60-minute activities, each differentiated by 1 ring, 2 rings, and 3 rings before each message. Gradation of the silent periods between each message facilitates the use of the telephone message task in multiple-task activities, which has been found to be quite a popular application of Activity 7. For example, the 60-minute version of Activity 7 has 3 rings before each message and approximately 90-100 seconds after each message, allowing the client to shift from Activity 7 to Activity 6 (Database Maintenance - Mailing List) and back again. If the client has previously undertaken Activity 6, an error-detection productivity base rate has been established, and the effect of interspersed activities in a multi-tasking scenario can be observed.
  • Audiovisual training about the SWAG approach to work simulation and rehabilitation. This material is focused on the therapist to provide basic information that will facilitate safety, reliability, validity and ease of use. The SWAG activities are quite straightforward and are readily understood by rehabilitation professionals without additional training, but their optimal use is facilitated by these materials.

The Update Kit, provided on 5 CD-ROMs, may be purchased for $275, plus shipping and handling charges. The Update Kit includes all of the original Washington University electronic files that have been edited and corrected, along with all of the updated SWAG 1 electronic files on one SWAG 1 Resource CD-ROM, plus 4 audio CD-ROMs that include three versions of the Activity 7 telephone messages and the Activity 8 conference room scheduling messages. The Update Kit can be ordered here and will be shipped immediately on receipt of your order.

This is a “do-it-yourself” kit, allowing the professional to purchase office supplies and use a computer printer to construct these standardized materials in approximately 4 hours:

Item Quantity
Labels — Avery 5163 or 5164 1050
Index Cards 450
Mailing Envelopes — 9" x 12" 150
Form Letters 150