Progressive Occupational Demand (POD) Certification

Basic Certification Criteria

  1. Completion of the Work Capacity Evaluation in Neurorehabilitation workshop
  2. Passing grade on a written exam and on ratings of behavioral observations of video-recorded segments of clients performing POD work samples and situational assessments at the conclusion of the workshop
  3. Administration of 5 test-retest exams on healthy volunteers using the POD equipment in the applicant’s facility

Types of Certification


The Evaluator is able to provide service independently within his or her area of professional expertise.

An Evaluator certificate will be issued for an applicant when the applicant meets the 3 criteria for basic certification and supplies proof that requirements for independent professional practice have been met. Proof is normally provided in the form of a photocopy of the current professional license or registration certificate. Another form of proof may be substituted if it substantially confirms that the applicant has met the requirements for independent practice and is currently practicing at a professional level. For example, a copy of a professional malpractice insurance policy would be acceptable. It is the applicant’s responsibility to provide sufficient documentation to confirm ability to practice as an independent professional.


The technician must provide service under the supervision of an appropriately trained professional who is also a certified POD Evaluator. A Technician certificate will be issued for an applicant when he or she meets the 3 criteria listed for basic certification but is not licensed or registered to practice.

Students in healthcare professional programs qualify for certification as technicians. After the student completes all requirements for independent practice and submits evidence attainment of professional status, an evaluator certificate will be issued.

Certificate Review

A file is maintained on each evaluator and technician for potential review by appropriately designated authorities with the permission of the evaluator or technician.

Processing and Fees

Certification packets are distributed at the conclusion of the workshop. A one-time nonrefundable processing fee of $75 is submitted with the completed certification materials. POD certification does not require maintenance, although advanced certification is available.