Personal Mantra Relaxation

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Find a safe and comfortable physical space, where you want to relax.

My voice will lead you to relax and control your tensions. Allow my voice to lead you to relax and refresh your body and your mind.

My voice will lead you through methods to train your brain to relax your body by using a word or a short phrase that we will call your “personal mantra”.

Your personal mantra is a word or a short phrase that we will link to profound relaxation so that whenever your personal mantra is used, it will cause you to relax.

These instructions may cause you to sleep. Set your listening device so that if you fall asleep during the instructions, you can continue to have relaxing and refreshing sleep.

Once you have trained your brain to relax with your personal mantra, you can use your personal mantra at other times during the day, when you just want to relax.

Altogether, these instructions will involve you for about 20 minutes as you hear my voice give you simple instructions that are completely safe and soothing.

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