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For more than 40 years EpicRehab has been a leader in rehabilitation protocol development. In addition to test development and validation we provide the following services:

  • Professional rehabilitation training and certification
  • Clinical consulting
  • Forensic consulting
  • Assessment
  • Individual and family counseling


  • The Official Disability Guidelines (ODG) published by the Work Loss Data Institute have adopted both the MTAP and the EPIC Lift Capacity test as recommended tools to help manage workers compensation cases. The ODG provides evidence-based decision support for managing medical treatment, disability duration, and utilization. Many insurance companies, healthcare providers, TPAs, case managers and employers use ODG to facilitate optimal health and RTW outcomes. In California, the ODG is the standard reference for what is allowed to be reimbursed.
  • A study about the EPIC Lift Capacity test, "Age and Gender Normative Data for Lift Capacity", is available as a free download at Matheson Development. Published in WORK 49 (2014) 257–269. Read more...
  • EpicRehab is pleased to announce that our partners Matheson Development, LLC, will be processing all product and equipment orders. For the past several years, your orders have been manufactured, processed, and shipped by Matheson Development. As partners of EpicRehab, Matheson Development will continue to provide the excellent level of service to which you have become accustomed. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding this transition.
    To view or purchase products, please visit mathesondevelopment.com. EpicRehab will continue to be the source for all free products.